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Facebook Page Management Gold Plan

What's Included in the Plan

Page Marketing and Management:

Get ready for unparalleled exposure! We distribute your business page content to 80 vibrant Facebook groups, reaching up to 1.3 million members twice a week.

Enjoy four professionally crafted business adverts each month that are tailored to make your brand shine. Clients can submit their advertising material for design each week.

Extended Reach:

We market your business adverts on a rotation to all our SC Social Media Pages and Channels and Facebook Premium Groups weekly. Total SC Social Media Distribution 57,800 members

​​All that is inlcuded:

Distribution on SC Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Threads TikTok, and YouTube. Email, WhatsApp and Telegram marketing. An introduction page on our Client Directory on our website.

SC Facebook group's distribution takes place on Monday and Friday mornings during peak times.

WhatsApp and Telegram distribution takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. TikTok, YouTube and Email marketing distribution takes place fortnight.


The plan includes the client adverts converted into video clips for all SC social media stories.

Keeping You In The loop:​

​Once a week we send clients a WhatsApp notification with distribution results to keep you updated.


Extras Designs:

Unlock the potential for additional purchases through our interest-free SC Trade Account. Purchase more adverts, videos and designs effortlessly.​


Tailored Approach:

We conduct marketing through your profile or page, ensuring a personalised touch that resonates with your audience. We follow the allowed weekly Facebook group shares to ensure the client's account remains within Facebook's good community standards.

Pricing Details:

All these incredible features for only R2600,00 per month. Take advantage of our special offer: Purchase 3 months upfront and enjoy a fantastic R400 Off on your total purchase!

Join the Gold Plan today and let your brand story unfold in the most captivating way possible!

Terms: SC is a prepaid service and our marketing services run continuously throughout the year. If a payment goes into arrears services are paused to protect both the client and SC.

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